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warrenton va is the number one local business directory for Warrenton, Virginia and Fauquier Virginia businesses.

If you own or manage a business in the Warrenton / Fauquier VA region — an audience that encompasses more than 65,000 people and more than 22,000 households — can help you grow your local business reputation and reach your target market through:

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  1. Search-engine-optimized business listings that help you get found online
  2. (see the example Google search image to the right to see how your business listing can help your business get found online through Google / internet searches for Warrenton businesses.)

  3. Search-engine-optimized mini-websites (one-page business listings, like this example)
  4. Monthly blog feature articles about your business (like this example)
  5. Top banner and right sidebar display ads for your business, linked to your website or a lead-generating web page
  6. Weekly or monthly shout-outs on our Facebook page with more than 700 fans (

Advertising Packages

$49 per month

  • SMALL Sidebar display ad (250 x 125)
  • Display ad will link to your website. Our backlinks to your website can help your website rank higher in Google search results.
  • One monthly status update / mention on

$98 per month

$150 per month

  • Home page top banner ad. (Quantities are limited – ads rotate each time the page refreshes)
  • Banner ad will link to your website which can help boost your Google search ranking.
  • We will interview you and prepare a professionally written feature article about your business and display that article each month on the Warrenton Favorites home page (up to 500 words and two photos).
  • Mini-website page on – search engine optimized for Google search results for one keyword phrase.
  • One weekly post / mention on
  • List Your Business in

  • Mobile-optimized business listing on the mobile-optimized Warrenton business directory, (Click here to view the mobile directory).
  • Optional add-on: 5-page mobile website for your business (additional charges apply: $350 setup fee plus $20 per month hosting). Google’s policies now give preference to displaying websites that are also formatted to display properly on small mobile phone screens.

    READ MORE: Why Mobile-Formatted Websites Are Essential to Your Business

Custom Ad Packages

We can create custom advertising packages for you at different price points as well.

For more information, call (540) 937-7234 or email yvonne[at]