Jaeger2 Business Development and Business Consulting Northern VirginiaJaeger2 is a certified woman-owned small business that helps business owners step into their greatness through a unique equine-assisted approach to personal and business development.

Owner Shari Jaeger Goodwin produced over $2 million in new revenue through cold call sales in the first year of a family-owned start-up information technology staffing firm. She has coached hundreds of applicants in resume writing and interviewing techniques and in finding jobs to help them achieve their dreams. As a former engineering manager and director for two international engineering firms, Ms. Goodwin knows firsthand the challenges of maintaining a competitive edge. She has developed winning proposals ranging in value from $100,000 to $65 million. She also runs a top-notch horse boarding and training facility, a personal dream from childhood. She previously owned and managed an ex-racehorse rescue and rehabilitiation center and a breeding farm. All of her personal horses now assist her as “equine coaches,” in her innovative Alpha Horse Leadership Training for HUMANS workshops.

For more information, call or email:

Shari Jaeger Goodwin
P.O.Box 493
Marshall, VA 20116
Phone: (540) 364-9505
Email: shari@jaeger2.com
Website: Jaeger2.com

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